Victimized by Jason Quitt

First and foremost Jason Quitt is a sociopath.  He will befriend you, then when it suits him he will betray you when he’s got his hands on your money.  He’s also quite the ladies man, he is married.  However, Jason likes to get close to women at UFO and Paranormal conferences and take advantage of […]
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What makes this book unique!

Many facts related to the reader in this book are presented in a way that hasn’t been presented anywhere before.  This book is presented in the original text released and then attacked by those connected with the books first release.  There was a struggle for control of the book by other people.  These people sought […]
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Book reviewed by US Air Force and the CIA

The content of this book was reviewed by the US Air Force and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).  An analyst with the CIA offered the comment that it was substantially correct.  He also stated that there were multiple time travelers used to preserve the time line of mankind on this planet.  It also has been […]
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Time travel manual included in the book!

The time travel manual written by John Titor II is included in the book Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II.  While the manual was classified “Top Secret” it is divulged in the book because it was written in the future in the year 2036.  This is just one of the things that makes the book […]
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