The Reason for Mankind’s Existence

June 09, 2018 By John Titor II Of all the knowledge that I have this is the most important that I have to share.  Many who read this will choose not to believe.  I will be ridiculed by some for releasing this information.  I am old now and feel that this must be said before […]
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Jason Quitt Openly Steals My Work

July 20, 2018 By John Titor II Some two years ago Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords used a forged signature to sell a manuscript to AMRA VERLAG & Records in Germany.   I originally partnered with him, and Bob Mitchell on a book titled “Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II.”  In German it is titled “ENTHÜLLT! […]
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Criminal Comlaint Against Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords aka Alex

Recent photograph Jason Quitt 6.1.2017 Federal Bureau of Investigation 11000 Wilshire Blvd #1700, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 477-6565 Criminal Complaint Against Jason Quitt Website ( 69.49.xx.xx XXX.XXX.XXXX XXX XXXXXX Meadows Road Barrie, Ontario Canada L4N9R4 I am the owner of John Titor II LLC a Nevada corporation. In July of 2016 I was approached […]
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My life story

Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II

This book tells my story of why I came back in time to live permanently.  This book also talks about living under a government a cover name given to me and then having it blown.  Dealing with handlers from the government and still trying to have a life can be very challenging.  Then you become […]
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If it isn't authorized it's just a knock off. Accept no sustitute!

Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II

This is the only book authorized by John Titor II.  The content of this book was reviewed by the US Air Force and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).  An analyst with the CIA offered the comment that it was substantially correct.  He also stated that there were multiple time travelers used to preserve the time […]
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Time travel manual included in the book!

The time travel manual written by John Titor II is included in the book Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II.  While the manual was classified “Top Secret” it is divulged in the book because it was written in the future in the year 2036.  This is just one of the things that makes the book […]
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